Farmingdale Fusion

Students taking group photo in front of Knapp Hall on a sunny day.
Farmingdale Fusion is a Bollywood dance team that emerged on campus about three years ago. Since then, the team has flourished and made big strides in doing shows, holding events, and engaging people to join the team. As you hear the name you would imagine that only people with a South Asian background would be able to join, but no, the team is open to anyone and everyone. I have been with the team since the beginning. Sarah Khan, who is also a Rambassador, is the founder of Farmingdale Fusio...

Entering Engineering as a Woman at FSC

Everyone knows Engineering is a male dominated field. The number of women in the field is scarce. When I decided to pursue Engineering, one of the major concerns everyone had was why I would go into a male dominated field. The women that are in Engineering are strong and confident. They’ve fought through hurdles and broke barriers to reach the levels they are at now. Women are always given the short end of the stick and never given the credit they deserve. When they decide to pursue a career...