How to Take Notes Like a Boss

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Have you ever failed a test because you didn’t have a review sheet? You are not alone. In a perfect world scenario, we all expect to receive an A as long as we review from the class slides. Yet, it doesn’t always go down the way we want. What if I tell you that you can increase the likelihood of acing a final to 100%? There are a lot of ways to improve your study methods. Some may work better than others, and some may take time to get used to. But the truth is that even if you change the ...

Who’s Hungry? Food Choices at FSC

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Most of us are full-time students, thus we need to spend most of our time in school either doing groups projects/meetings, or studying for an upcoming midterm. Sometimes, we may even have to live on campus because our homes are far away. Now I know as a full-time student most of us have lunch breaks or some of us may need to have lunch and dinner around campus. We all know food is important. It does not only help you by giving you nutrients and proteins, but it is also very important because...