Does Learning Ever Truly Stop, Even After Retirement?

learning in retirement
That question, my friend, can only be answered by the individual at hand. From my point of view, one never stops learning. I am one who thinks there is just a lesson in everything if you’re willing to open your eyes to see it.  However, some think once you retire you are just left to sit at home and do absolutely nothing.  But the truth of the matter, in this day and age, everyone cannot afford to just sit at home.  Some who retire may need to obtain a job to cover expenses because their pen...

Would Taking Courses Online Be Right for You?

LaDonna Dean photo online study 1
I have been going to school for several years now, and have taken both online as well as classroom courses. Online courses have played a valuable place in my life as a working mother and student.  With all that I am juggling it is not easy, but online education for me has made it possible to continue to pursue my goals. Online courses are part of Farmingdale State College’s Distance Learning program. Today flexiblity and efficiency are both up there on the priority list of almost every ta...