Effective Ways to Use a Planner

weekly planner
Have you ever gone into a stationary store and seen planners for sale? Have you noticed the prices? They are quite pricey, in my opinion. Many times before I saw the prices and wondered why they were so expensive. Before I began college, I never had used a planner and said that I was not going to pay over $20 for a planner. Well, that changed when I started to have a busy life. I saw that I wasn't able to manage my time wisely, and decided to invest in a planner. The first planner I bought w...

Study Methods Based on Your Learning Style

3 books with notes and and writing on them.
Studying is a skill that you learn over time. It takes time and sometimes is through trial and error. Each class requires a different study method. For some classes flashcards might be the way to go and for another class you might need to rewrite the notes. The study method to use all depends in the way you learn. I will explain the way I figured out how to study and how I have developed a routine for each class. As a visual learner, I like to study using drawings, diagrams and colors. I ...

Life as a Full-Time Dental Hygiene Student While Being Involved on Campus

Dentist utensils next to a tooth.
The dental hygiene program is a fast-paced program. You have two years to complete your associates degree and if you want, you can move on to complete your bachelors degree. Due to the short time in the program the work load is intense. For this current semester, I am taking eight classes. While taking those eight classes, I am involved with Rambassadors, the RAM program, and Love Over Hate. This semester I have spread myself out too thin. At first it was difficult managing everything, but I hav...

Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body While in College

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College is very stressful on its own, and keeping a healthy lifestyle can seem complicated. When your body is stressed and tired you are more likely to become sick faster. That is why it is good to try to stay stress free, or keep a healthy body. I will give you four tips on how to keep your body healthy while stress hits you in college. First tip is to try your best to work out. Now, you don't have to go crazy and work out at the gym seven days a week. Start off by going two or three day...

The Garden of Wonders

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Close your eyes and just imagine a black iron gate. After passing this gate you are able to feel the support of the grass under your shoes. You can smell all the different scents coming from all the variety of flowers; you want to sneeze but you keep smelling because the smell is so refreshing and relaxing.  You can feel the warm breeze from the air surpassing your body. You can hear the bees buzzing through their journey of the garden. There are many great aspects of Farmingdale State Colleg...