Student Spotlight Jessica Coacci

Kamal ojibara
As a freshman student at Farmingdale Sate College, Jessica quickly got acclimated to the college lifestyle. When she was picking out her college choice, Farmingdale State College was not one of her first choices. She planned on attending many different universities, such as Stony brook and even the University of Kentucky.  However, after much deliberation and consideration, she decded to come to Farmingdale State College. She stated that the reason she came to Farmingdale was because it had ...

Should schools be teaching more things about lifestyle?

student stydying
Some of us that are in high school already know what they want to do. While most in college know what they want to do, others do not. For every person that does know what they want to do, there is a person that does not know what they want to do. A lot of times these students go unnoticed. I know the feeling of being in school and not knowing what to do. I have changed majors several times. It was like you’re just in school just because it is a norm in our culture that school is something we...

Study tips!! Do not wait to the last minute to study!!

woman with head in books studying
Ever take a test and felt like you didn't study? Waiting to the last minute is definitely not the best choice. Studying a lot of information at one time can be consuming. I don't know how many times I’ve tried to study the day before and failed the test the next day. Over time I found that this strategy was not successful. The strategy worked a couple times but for the most part it was not successful. It wasn't until I began to try other study methods that my grades improved drastically. ...