Language Opens Doors to Different Worlds

Collage of words of the word "Hello" in different languages.
Language is classified as the ability to obtain and use patterns of communication, which is called linguistics. It’s used to inform a person how another person feels and that lets us not only understand but also question what we already know or don’t know. As far as language goes, English is spoken in nearly every other country and is spreading more, worldwide, as we speak. (Ha get it?). Learning an entirely different language broadens your horizons and also expands your overall knowledge of the...

Your Home Away From Home

Sometimes when you live far away from your school, desperate times call for desperate measures. Other times, you just need to feel that surge of independence and make your own home away from home. If you think this describes you, then doing is great! What better place to experience that then at Farmingdale State College. I commute to school by car but I made many friends in the dorms here. So I spent quite a lot of time there. Out of all the buildings we have for dorming, I’ve spent most of m...

Women in Computing Club

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When I first became a student at Farmingdale, you could say I was more focused on succeeding academically than joining a club. I knew it would be a great opportunity to make a few friends my first year here but I was afraid that it would interfere with my studies. It was until I started getting countless emails from this club sent to everyone in the computer program and systems major. I figured it couldn’t hurt to go to one meeting and see if I would enjoy the people and atmosphere. Next thing I...