Tips for Talking to Your Professors

When it comes to talking to our professors, some of us might experience a sinking feeling. It comes from the anxiety of not wanting to be a bother or wondering if the question you’re about the ask is even worth asking. It’s important to remember that as students you are always allowed to talk to your professors and they know that, because if they couldn’t help you with a question who would? However, it is easier said than done and that’s why I’ve decided to share some tips I’ve collected over my...

Three Ways to Reduce Stress During Finals

Words stress and relax with frowning face next to stress and smiling face next to relax. Red line is crossing out stress and face.
It’s every college student's worst nightmare: finals. You took notes on every word the professor said, bought the class textbook, looked at every quizlet out there and you are still feeling stressed. Even if you are completely prepared with all the material, you won’t be able to anticipate all the test questions. That stress feels like a boulder sitting on your chest and you really need a way to just relax so you can study. Luckily, there are hundreds of ways to reduce stress and anxiety and I a...

The College Student Balance: A Guide to Working, Taking Classes, and Still Having Time for Yourself

The first semester of college right out of high school can be truly overwhelming. You’re just now learning how much time you have to devote to your studies and you may be wondering if other areas of your life are going to be affected. When I started college here at Farmingdale, I was an at-home tutor who worked seven hours a week. Into my third semester, I quit my job as a tutor and became a direct support professional. My workload tripled and my free time was almost non-existent. A year later, ...

Places to Go and People to See

Gianna Zizza Know Your Surroundings 2
As someone who was born and raised in Farmingdale, NY, I can tell you that this town is the poster card for suburban neighborhoods.  From main streets and monthly festivals, to shopping malls and restaurant chains, this town always has something to do; and Farmingdale State College is right at the edge of it. Farmingdale is border 8 neighboring towns: Plainview, Amityville, Melville, Bethpage, Levittown, Massapequa, Wyandanch, and Babylon. From the center of Farmingdale, each town is about a 5-1...