How to Pick the Right One (A College That is)

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Finding the right college may be one of the hardest decisions of your life, or maybe not. Everyone is different; some people have their heart set on a college since sixth grade and may already be prepping cool college gear for years before they even get there. Some people decide where they want to go a week before college decision day. Whenever you decide… just make sure it is not the day before college decision day. I’m not saying that because it is bad to procrastinate (trust me, I am a hu...

Tips on Being a Student-Athlete and a Full-Time Student

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Being a full-time student is already a major commitment that requires a ton of dedication, focus, and time. So, why on earth would you want to be a student-athlete? On top of that, go to practice six days a week, completing homework, plus everything else important a college student should be overthinking and over-worrying about? Because you have an abundant amount of love and passion for your sport, that’s why. Your passion for sports and your commitment to school will get you through the...