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On the Farmingdale State College campus there are so many ways to get involved. At FSC, there is something for everyone, from The Back Stage Theatre Company to the Gaming club. There are so many ways to get involved. One of the most popular clubs to join is the Greek Life organizations that are on campus. If you think Greek Life is for you, keep reading about how the process works and see if Greek Life is a good fit for you.

On the FSC campus, there are three PanHellenic sororities: Sigma Delta Tau, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Delta Phi Epsilon. Four Interfraternity fraternities include: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, and Alpha Sigma Phi. The Greek Life on campus also offers two multicultural organizations: Phi Iota Alpha (fraternity) and Sigma Lambda Upsilon (sorority), which are separate from the normal sororities and fraternities on campus. A PanHellenic sorority means that the sorority is run by a governing body. This council holds elections and plans events with the other sororities on campus. The Interfraternity fraternities are mainly the same thing as the PanHellenic council but only with fraternities.

Now that you have some background about how the sororities and fraternities are run, I will start to go into each sorority and fraternities’ philanthropy . If you are considering a sorority or fraternity you can see what each organization is about and how they each help the community in their own way. Philanthropies are all the organization’s foundation. It’s what makes each organization unique and special. There are three sororities on campus – Sigma Delta Tau, whose philanthropies are Jewish Women International, Preventing Child Abuse America, and the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation. Each spring semester, SDT puts on a male pageant/talent show at FSC and all the money that was raised will go to help defeat child abuse. Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy is the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which is partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation. Each year Phi Sig puts together a kickball game where anyone can join and all the proceeds go to the Foundation to help kids have school readiness. Lastly, you have Delta Phi Epsilon, whose philanthropy is the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, The National Association for Anorexia Nervosa, Associated Disorders (ANAD), and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). Delta Phi Epsilon is a brand new sorority at FSC and is a welcoming environment if you want to be a big part of a chapter.

As for the fraternities you have Tau Kappa Epsilon, whose philanthropy is helping the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Kappa Sigma’s philanthropy is the Military Heroes Campaign. Alpha Phi Delta’s philanthropy is helping the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Finally, Alpha Sigma Phi has many philanthropies it’s partners with, such as RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), Humane Society, Aware Awake Alive, etc. Each organization does a great job participating in each charity or foundation.

Interested in an organization? Fantastic, let’s talk about the recruitment process. For sororities you would go through something called Fall or Spring Recruitment. The Fall semester recruitment process is a formal recruitment that is mandatory for each sorority group to help recruit potential new members into an organization through a non-biased week of events. Fall Recruitment lasts for about a week, allowing each sorority to present themselves to the potential new members. To help the potential new members get on track, the PanHellenic council become recruitment counselors. They are called Phi Chis, who will help the potential new members find an organization that is right for them. Each sorority plan and put together the room they are assigned to, along with a theme and will talk about what their sorority is about.

After the week of Fall Recruitment is over, the sororities will get together and discuss who will excel in their organization and who is a good fit. If you get invited into a sorority you will be contacted by your Phi Chi, asking you to accept a bid from the organization that wants you. As for Spring Recruitment, not all organizations are required to part take in a Spring Recruitment. If the organization decides on taking more new members, then that is their right. Fraternity recruitment is different from sorority recruitment, other than it being just for men. They have their own way of recruiting men. Keep looking on Org Sync for recruitment dates, times and locations.

If you are interested in joining a Greek Life organization, follow all the organizations on social media and keep checking on Org Sync on FSC’s website for more details. Fall Recruitment will be here shortly. Don’t miss out!

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