Who’s Hungry? Food Choices at FSC

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Most of us are full-time students, thus we need to spend most of our time in school either doing groups projects/meetings, or studying for an upcoming midterm. Sometimes, we may even have to live on campus because our homes are far away. Now I know as a full-time student most of us have lunch breaks or some of us may need to have lunch and dinner around campus. We all know food is important. It does not only help you by giving you nutrients and proteins, but it is also very important because we receive energy. Energy we need throughout semester to ace finals.

But how do we know which spots to go to for our lunch breaks? Lots of places around town do not give the nutrients you need for a healthy diet and they can be expensive for us as college students. But what if we could get the best bang for our buck and eat “healthy” at the same time? For this reason, I’ve decided to talk about some of the perfect spots where you can get lunch around campus.

Campus Center POP’s

This one is a favorite place on campus. At POP’s, they offer all-you-care-to eat service where you pay one price and you can try anything you like. Similar to buffets, you can’t take the food to go. POP’s prepares food from scratch, where chef’s specialties include hand-tossed pizza, Asian cuisine, grilled sandwiches, and daily baked desserts.

While it may be true they have similar food as the Food Court, at Pop’s you may also build your own lunch by taking different foods from the variety POP’s offers. For example, POP’s offers breakfast varieties for all of us that have to take morning classes. For lunch, you may want to go a little healthy. Then you should check out the fresh salad bar and then get grilled chicken from the grill section. It doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or dinner, they got you covered, so you can’t go wrong at POP’s!

One thing I want to point about is getting a meal plan if you want to enjoy the food over here. Both residents and commuters are able to purchase this plan and use on any on-campus facility. You may also use your balance to treat your babe to a romantic meal. For commuters, it works similar to a gift card, where 1 dollar equals 1 dollar value. But if you use it at POP’s or another dining facility on campus, your purchase is free of tax, unlike credit and cash purchases. For all FSC residents, you are required to be enrolled in the meal plan, which allows you to go POP’s whenever you want and treat four guests meals per semester.

Campus Center Food Court

A basic need we have as college students is getting our food from the best place close to campus and getting it fast. Most of us are tied to a schedule where we only have an hour for lunch and then go back to classes for another three hours. Therefore, FSC gives students another great place to check out. Food Court market, where we can decide what to eat and whenever we want to.

The Campus Center Market houses most of what you are looking for, for a quick snack. You can find burgers or grilled chicken, sandwiches, hand-tossed salads and soups, pizzas and pasta, sushi or rolls. And for the students who just want a snack, you can also grab to- go items. This is a great place to hang out with your friends after class, so there is no need to go far way for a good and quick snack.

Library’s Book n’ Beans Café

Finally, this one is for hard-working students who want to ace that calculus 1 midterm. Book n’ Beans café is much like the food court, but one step away from Greenley library. Book n’ Beans is a store where they combine your casual corner store with your classic food market. In this place you can get grab ‘n go dining options for breakfast, lunch or any time of day. More or less like the food court, Book n’ Beans offers salads, sandwiches, snacks like fruits, and the student number-one essential, coffee. BB café lets students use their declining balance dollars in the same way you could use them in the food court or POP’s. Books n’ Beans is an excellent place to study or complete some homework, because it allows students to use FSC wireless Internet, which by the way is pretty awesome because not only is fast but also free.


This is one is an extra spot for students who love coffee. Starbucks is the one place students need to stop by before starting their day. Even though you can’t technically grab lunch over here, students are able to get desserts and pastries that will satisfy your hunger.

Getting food in school is not hard, but choosing the right food for you is hard. I hope this small list will help you make the right choice. Good luck and Bon Appétit.


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