Procrastination and Time Management

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One of the biggest things any college student is going to face is procrastination, only because we are terrible with time management. As we always put things off to the last minute. Especially a student who has a job, in-between extracurricular, maybe a sports team and just a personal life. No one probably procrastinates more than a college student. I myself am a long-term sufferer in procrastination. I’m always waiting until the last minute to do things, and things then start piling up. And being a full-time college student, having an internship, and two part-time jobs, I have to well coordinate my time between all these things. So for some reason this semester has been my toughest, going to school three days a weeks and working four days a week, and trying to be consistent at the gym (which hasn’t been a success).  I haven’t had a day to myself, and I’m sleep deprived and stressed.

Time management is hard though as a student, as these are the years in a person’s life when we are more consumed by the amount of things we have to do. It’s not like having a full- time job and that’s it. As a college student who works, we have school to focus on, with assignments and projects, along with other things. But as college students we are looked at as the most successful people when it comes to overloading, but no one really knows the behind- the-scenes of the individual.  I hope I maybe speak for others that we become sleep-deprived, poor eating habits, and just unable to maintain self-care and a general healthy lifestyle. I do so much, that some days I tell myself it’s good to take a break and have days off, relaxing and sleeping in. With the coming of the end of the semester we are all on that last-minute splurge of handing in last-minute and late assignments.  It becomes overwhelming, but for some reason it’s just college nature, and it does impress me that I manage to get things done. I may be late with things time to time, but as long as you get it done.

I made my schedule for next semester and I only got classes two days a week, which puts me with five days to either work or get on top of my school work. That’s why I hope to follow through to only work three days and have two days to relax, catch up on school work and not to be overwhelmed. It’s smart to plan ahead, but if you’re a busier student than me, I recommend to take the effort to leave two-three days out of your week. Really manage your time and days.

Procrastination is a dangerous thing among us college students. We live our lives and live the semester at the end. But for some reason we go ten-fold a semester-worth of assignments in a two weeks. And when everything is complete it’s the most satisfying feeling one can imagine. Like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and at the end of every semester, it amazes us college students how we even possibly did it. Procrastination is also a skill, a student’s capability to go into overdrive. Personally, I get my best material for projects and the result come out A-1.

We suck at time management but are good at procrastination, which is an odd thing to say. It should be the other way around, but we all should try to make the change. I hope to follow through next semester.  Every semester is like a new year, having the ability to start fresh on how we go about things. And we may begin at a good start, but like always it all disappears and we are back to our old routes. Which isn’t also a bad thing, but it may just be the college student instinct to be bad at timing and right on to procrastinating.

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