The School of Business

The School of Business here at Farmingdale is comprised of various different degree programs. Within the School of Business is the Applied Economics, Business Management, Computer Systems, Ornamental Horticulture, Sport Management and Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design programs. As a Business Management student I am proud to say that the faculty and staff are very well educated and experienced within their fields. The instruction of these professors are both collaborative and career-orientated. Degree programs within the School of Business prepare you for careers in which you will obtain upon graduating. This department has a lot of resources for students such as: student activities, internships, scholarships and a great networking environment.

The physical School of Business building is breathtaking. This 39,000-square foot building serves roughly over 2,000 students and houses 40 professors’ offices. The classrooms within this building are wonderful. In some classrooms, professors have the option of recording the class or stream the class to a remote site off campus where people can watch online. These classrooms also have the capability to keep students engaged in the classroom and help them interact with one another.School of a Business on a sunny day.

The School of Business hosts lots of events throughout the semester. In the Spring semester, the School of Business hosts Economic Seminars, a Business Plan Competition, a plant sale and various workshops. Some workshops held are on topics such as social media, digital marketing, international business, and hospitality and tourism. These workshops consist of guest speakers from the industry that can give you more insight into various fields out there when it comes time for graduation. My favorite workshop that I have attended as a Business student which really helped me was how to dress for an interview. The panel of guest speakers was comprised of leading staff members of Bloomingdale’s who work with people who are looking for the proper interview outfit. I did not realize how important your look is for an interview. I learned that sometimes it is better to wear a skirt then pants for an interview. I also learned that the color or pattern you wear during an interview may make or break you and you may not get called back for another interview. At the end of the workshop we got to ask questions which was very helpful to me because I got more of an idea of what in my closet I can wear for an interview.

I am very proud to be a Business Management student here at Farmingdale State College. I believe that the program has helped me and prepared me to go out into the workforce and take on any obstacle I may encounter on my journey. I have taken various classes with different professors who each have taught me how to improve myself to help me become the best manager I can be one day. I hope to one day apply what I have learned in the Business Management Program and prove that Farmingdale State College is the best choice.

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