Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body While in College

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College is very stressful on its own, and keeping a healthy lifestyle can seem complicated. When your body is stressed and tired you are more likely to become sick faster. That is why it is good to try to stay stress free, or keep a healthy body. I will give you four tips on how to keep your body healthy while stress hits you in college.

First tip is to try your best to work out. Now, you don’t have to go crazy and work out at the gym seven days a week. Start off by going two or three days a week, then work your way up to more. It may seem hard to go out of your way and head the gym before or after class, but after a month or so your body gets used to the routine. When you exercise, your body relaxes and releases stress. That hour that you work out will be for yourself, your mind will be away from the books and not worried about school.

Second tip is give yourself some personal time. Personal time is when you just relax and do what you want. It can be reading, napping, or watching television. It is very important to not forget about yourself. You might be doing well in school but you shouldn’t lose yourself in its stress. That time you take to relax, try not to worry about anything. Just enjoy time with your family or catch up with your favorite show on Netflix.

Third tip is to eat well. I know that eating well while you’re a broke college student is hard, but trying to eat health helps you out in the long run. Eating healthy and cooking your own meals can also save you money. Instead of having fries and a burger for lunch you can have a sandwich. At times, it is easier to just go buy some fast food and call it a day. However, with fast food you are not only eating unhealthy food but you are also spending money.

Fourth tip is to get a good night sleep. Your body gets tired and it needs to rest. That is why sometimes college students feel sick and tired all the time, it is because we don’t sleep. Sleeping at least eight hours a night helps you. When you feel rested you will be more active the next day, which will help you do better in school. Instead of staying up all night to do your homework, do it during the day time or wake up one hour early to finish it. Don’t sacrifice your body to the point of collapse.

It may seem challenging to stay healthy while in college, but it is not impossible. I hope these tips are helpful to you. They have worked for me, and have helped me stay healthy and not as stressed. Especially during finals week, you will need some time to decompress and relax. Don’t forget that you come first, so give yourself some “me time”.

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