The Garden of Wonders

Close your eyes and just imagine a black iron gate. After passing this gate you are able to feel the support of the grass under your shoes. You can smell all the different scents coming from all the variety of flowers; you want to sneeze but you keep smelling because the smell is so refreshing and relaxing.  You can feel the warm breeze from the air surpassing your body. You can hear the bees buzzing through their journey of the garden.

There are many great aspects of Farmingdale State College. The campus is beautiful, big and friendly. One of my favorite places on campus is the teaching gardens. Farmingdale’s teaching gardens is taken care of by the Horticulture department students. The plants and flowers that are located there, have been planted by Horticulture students. Farmingdale’s teaching garden is the most relaxing and beautiful place I’ve been to in Farmingdale’s campus. It’s not the location or flowers that make it beautiful, but it’s the whole nature and environment around it that make you never want to leave. The greenhouses next to the garden also give the garden a much better experience. If you ever have a chance to just take a glance of the garden and the greenhouses, you won’t regret your detour to the garden.

The garden might be located on the outer area of the campus, but that is okay. At the end of the day, you won’t regret the lovely experience you had at the garden. This garden is the place to go if you are stressed or need time to think. At times college may get overwhelming and tiring. If you ever reach that point, remember that there is a place on campus that can ease all those school and life related problems. Just walking through the gates and smelling the flowers and trees makes you feel like you’re in whole different place. The feeling you get when walking through the garden is just priceless; all your worries, anger and stress go away. The garden is very quiet which makes it a great place to think, study or read. This garden is a very special place if you visit constantly; it kind of becomes your go to place when you need to be alone or just relax. I visit the garden during finals week the most. It relaxes me to just lay down on the grass and look up at the sky. The sky looks even more beautiful from the garden. The clouds look big and fluffy running across the sky. By watching the clouds and their unique shapes you lose track of time until the sun begins to set.  Don’t forget about the garden and all the wonders it has within. Once you go in one time, you will continue to go back and enjoy all the flowers and trees that will surround you. Don’t forget to stop by the garden and take a look at beautiful wonders in just one trip.

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