My First Year at Farmingdale

My first year at Farmingdale has been a great journey finding new friends and learning more about what I would like to do in my future, but I’ve learned college is much different than High School. With all the clubs and activities on campus it makes school more entertaining and fun, but what I miss the most about High School that my college doesn’t have is music. When I was in High School I was in every club or organization that involved music. Music has always been my thing growing up, teaching myself a lot of instruments and preforming all the time and I wish I would do that here at Farmingdale. Farmingdale does have theater that makes me happy with the “Backstage Theater company putting on lots of shows, but what I feel would be a great idea would be making a marching band. Having a Marching band on campus would not only bring music and joy to the performers and all the students but it will help pump up some Farmingdale spirit at games or events. I’ve talked to many people about the topic and a lot of people miss playing the instruments they used to play in High School and why should they miss it when they can just bring it with them to Farmingdale.

Music would not only just be a fun activity to bring to Farmingdale but, music has amazing effects on the body and mind. It is proven that music can actually make you smarter, which is what we need at a learning environment such as Farmingdale. According to some studies, music learning can encourage the development of stronger vocabularies and a better handle on nonverbal reasoning; also effects your emotions which would cause students at Farmingdale to be more joyful. Another example would be that It has been found that the verbal and visual skills are improved when an individual practices on the piano. According to Viral Novelty, this was found in the study of individuals aged between 8 and 11 who were able to develop a higher level of IQ verbally when they took music classes that were extracurricular. This showed that the practice of the musical instrument developed visual and cognitive perception. If music helps the body and mind in such a way that could help them learn in school, then why shouldn’t all school have some kind of music programs.

Music has been proven to make us smarter, but it is also shown that it makes us happier as well. Farmingdale is a place where everyone should be happy learning and growing and music can help better this. Also found in Viral Novelty that It was found in another study that when we try and feel happy it is a useless endeavor. A study carried out in 2013 by Sheldon and Ferguson showed that individuals who listen to classical compositions that were upbeat were automatically trying to feel a sense of happiness, and were lifted in terms of their mood. This study showed that when we try and engage with music it gives us more of an emotional experience. If Music makes people happy and can change people’s emotions, then I feel like the students at Farmingdale should be given the opportunity to experience as well as participate in Music.

In conclusion, Music should be displayed more at Farmingdale State College to help the students develop and become smarter as well as make them happy. By having a Farmingdale State College marching band, it will bring the musicians at the school more joy and help spread that joy and spirit to the school.

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