So what is an Internship? Why do students need to take an internship opportunity? What does Farmingdale State College do to help their students in finding an internship?


As college students, we come across the word “internship” a million times. But we never really stop and think about it until it is almost too late to apply for an internship.  It is no secret that internship is the best way for students to gain real life work experience before graduation.

I didn’t think of internship until my senior year. I successfully completed my internship in the Fall 2017 semester. I have learned a lot from my experience and this blog is a collection of my observation during my internship.

Why Are Internships Important?

Internship is an opportunity an employer provides to students who are interested in gaining work experience. Internships are a big part of a student’s life before graduation. It offers students a hands on opportunity to work in their field of study. It allows students to apply their studies to real work problems and build experiences. It allow them to be strong job candidate after graduation.

What’s Your WHY?

  1. “Try Out” a career in your field of study

Internship is an excellent way for you to “try out” a career. Internship allow you to experience the real culture of the organization. It provides a valuable insight that will help you choose your career path.

  1. Develop your professional skills

Internship will allow you to develop your professional skills. These skills include the way you communicate with those of higher and lower positions. As a student, you might struggle to know your place in an organization; but, during your internship you will learn how to convey your option and concerns to those around you.

  1. Network is the key to success

Internship will allow you to working with people who are more experienced than you. It is important that you ask questions and observe what is happening around you. It is your chance to network and seek out better opportunities.

  1. Coursework vs. Position.

You can finally understand why we sat through so many theory classes. Internship is where we apply what we learned in class to real world problems. We have to make the connection between the theories and the job to provide an effective result.

  1. Internship counts towards credits

At Farmingdale State College, some internships count towards course credits or considered “senior project.” It solely depends on your major.


Help! How Do I Find An Internship?

 The best way to get an internship is to speak to your advisors or your professors. You should make an appointment with them to discuss your career goals. If not, you should meet with someone from Career Center, located in Greenly Hall.

Career Center provides great services for graduating students. They helps you with job and internship opportunities.  Recently, Career Center has launched FSC Career Connect which allows employers to view resumes of Farmingdale applicants. This is a one stop to seek out unlimited jobs and internship opportunities.

Currently, FSC provided internship opportunities in: Applied Economics (NYS Senate & Assembly Internships); Applied Psychology; Architecture; Architecture & Construction; Business Management Department; Computer Systems; Horticulture/Ornamental Horticulture; Professional Communication; and Visual Communications.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Speak to your advisors and apply for internship!

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