How to Get Organized and Stay Organized

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Being organized in college is a lot easier said than done. Between early morning 8 a.m. classes, deadlines, and staying on track with homework it can become overwhelming if you’re not organized. I am going to explain some of my favorite ways on how to get organized and stay organized. First things first, you're going to need a planner! Planners are a great way to lay out ideas and visualize what your week has lined up for you. Make your tasks easy to read and ordering them as a check-list...

Top 7 Memories from Freshman to Senior

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    1. ASAP program summer ASAP, also known as the TRIO program, is a Student Support Service program that serves first-generation students (students whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree), students who are low-income, and students with disabilities. They provide the support you need to stay in school, finish your degree, and (if desired) pursue graduate study. TRIO staff created a two-week summer Bridge Program to assist with the transition of being a high school senio...

Balancing Work and School

In my first year as a college student, I experienced difficulties with adjusting to my new and complex work and school schedule. College is a new chapter in one’s life, it brings more opportunities and challenges that can be exciting and stressful. Adding a job on top of that can be a heavy task to take on, but can teach a lot about balancing a schedule. I’ve had a part-time job since I was 15 and always handled it well with high school. However, once I became a full-time college student it ...

For Parents & Guardians- Why Choose Farmingdale?

It's not easy to pick a school for your child. Just ask my dad, who went to every campus tour with a recorder and a list of pre-determined questions for the poor, unsuspecting tour guides. Where a high school student chooses to go to college will change their life forever, so this decision is not to be taken lightly. While students often have an idea of what they are looking for in a school, they might overlook the types of things that most parents and guardians are concerned with, such a...

Transferring to FSC? This Is What You Should Know

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Similar to many of the students who attend Farmingdale State College, I was a transfer student for the spring semester in 2018. After graduating from Suffolk County Community College during the fall semester of 2017, I wish there were things I knew about FSC before my first day. If you’re a transfer student or thinking about transferring this article may be for you! Before my actual first day of school at FSC I had only been to the campus a handful of times. I walked through the campus on...

5 Tips for Reducing College Stress

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It’s the beginning of a new semester, and you have all this energy and you set specific goals to do the best you can. Possibly one goal is to get all A’s. You are determined as ever. But like a lot of us have in common, the stress of all your classes piles on you pretty fast. You might be taking 18 credits so you can finish faster, you might have an internship, you might be working full-time or part-time along with your classes. You have papers, tests, quizzes, projects, assignments, etc. ea...

My Journey to Cyprus

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Interested in the study abroad program at Farmingdale State College? Well, there are many opinions to choose from. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Farmingdale State College offers many great opportunities, and even if Farmingdale doesn't have the program you desire there are other SUNY programs from other universities that you can take advantage off. The application deadlines for study abroad are the following: for Fall and Thanksgiving break deadlines are on April 15; for Winter int...

My Summer Research Experience

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During the past year I’ve been doing research here at Farmingdale with Dr. Kerry Lutz, on the plant Brassica napus. I found out about this opportunity through my RAM program advisor and have been working twice a week in the labs here at Farmingdale. After doing this research with Dr. Lutz, her project that she has brought me onto has been also been worked on with Dr. Maliga at Rutgers University. We are constantly comparing our results and helping each other in order to make our research wor...

Farmingdale Esports

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Esports are on the rise worldwide, and of course that’s true here at FSC as well. If you don’t know what esports are, let me explain. Esports is short for electronic sports. Esports is a competition, but instead of games like football or soccer it’s a competition in a video game. Many different games now have esports competitions and these competitions are becoming so big that there are professional players that are getting paid for being the best at their video game, just like athletes do i...

What Should Ram Students Do During Summer Break?

summer break
Summer is here to stay. You’ve been in school for two consecutive semesters. Semesters full of assignments, essays, group projects, all-nighters and exams. You’ve earned a lengthy school break. Summer breaks are usually the best time to go on a trip to a different country. Or you may also stay home and save up. Whatever you decide to do for your summer break depends on you. But what if you’re unsure what to do, like the rest of us? There are so many fun and exciting things to do over the ...