A Good System Shortens the Road to the Goal

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It takes a lot to be a full-time college student. With various assignments, quizzes, papers, group projects, and social activities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, there is always a way to lighten the load. “A good system shortens the road to the goal” is the perfect saying for a student in desperate need of time management tips. Academic or social related activities may not seem like such a “to-do” if you find a healthy way to manage your time-- but what’s the best way to manage y...

High School Summers Matter!

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What are your plans for the summer? A common question everyone is inevitably confronted with this time of year. Are you vacationing, traveling, spending time with friends and family? What better way to spend the sunny days! Be cautious to not let the carefree, comfortable summer daze paralyze you in an idle state. High school summers matter-- especially for soon-to-be college freshmen! If you’re college-bound, summer is a golden opportunity to focus on specific tasks and get hands-on experie...

How to Find and Explore your Passions in College

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Upon high school graduation, the most common pieces of advice you will receive from parents, teachers, and older siblings, in regard to college, is that “You get out of it what you put into it.” Going on my second semester in college, this admonition could not be more correct. Time is an intimidating principle. It is easy to find yourself lost in due dates, exams, and homework, where you may find yourself forgetting what it is all working towards. Everyone has goals and ambitions; however, i...