How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a College Internship

internships sign
After graduation, employers will be on the lookout for those who stand out academically, and the graduates who demonstrate the skills, responsibility, and experience necessary to fill positions in their company. Internships, which are not always a necessary part of a college education, are great résumé builders, and they provide much of the experience and invaluable knowledge needed prior to starting a career in your field.  However, securing an internship is no easy feat, as there would be ...

Surviving College

surviving college
The college experience is one you’ll never forget. You meet new people from many different backgrounds; have new, exciting and fulfilling experiences; you get to study what you love or explore what you want to study; and you’ll have a LOT more freedom and independence. All of these things compounded will make for an amazing journey, but beware! If you don’t find the right balance between studying, a social life, maintaining relationships, and taking time for yourself things can quickly spira...