High Achievers

Dr. Robert Saunders

It’s already been a busy summer for Dr. Robert Saunders,
professor in the Department of History, Politics, and Geography – and there’s no end in sight.

He recently arrived in Europe for a whirlwind tour of the conference circuit, beginning in Denmark, and then moving to Finland and Hungary. Not only that, he is spending the summer months doing research for his next book; completing the 2nd edition of  his Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation (Scarecrow Press);

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Hand drawn Mathematics on chalkboard.

Dr. Steven Hoehner has submitted a research paper titled
“Almost sharp concentration for random polytopes and Dirichlet-Voronoi tiling numbers” to the journal, Advances in Applied Probability. The paper is a joint work with Gil Kur, Weizmann Institute ofScience, Israel.

A pre-print can be found on arXiv.org.

Recently, Dr. Hoehner presented this paper at the AMS (American Mathematical Society) Spring Central Sectional Meeting at Ohio State,

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