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Police officers Thomas Austin and Joseph Tucker have joined the University Police at FSC. Both officers are recent graduates of the Suffolk County Police Academy.

Officers Austin and Tucker completed 29 weeks of academy training and received more than 1,000 hours of instruction in areas such as emergency medical training, defensive tactics, domestic violence, mental illness, cultural diversity, emergency driving, firearms, and terrorism.

Officer Austin holds a criminology degree from SUNY Old Westbury.

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The Moxxie Mentoring Foundation supports and fosters career
advancement and leadership development for young women through generational mentoring. Since 2010, Moxxie has mentored more than 350 young women, and offers monthly workshops and field trips to companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Canon.

Moxxie is looking for college students and young professionals interested in being mentored and advancing their careers. To apply to become a mentee, complete the online Jr Moxxie application at

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Jamie Jones, a junior architectural engineering
technology major with a near-perfect GPA, has won the Elite 90 award for the 2018 NCAA Division III Men’s Golf Champion-ship. He was in competition against 210 other student-athletes in the tournament. Jones hails from England.

Awarded by the NCAA, the Elite 90 recognizes the essence of student-athletes by honoring those who have reached the pinnacle of competition at the national championship level in their sport,

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